Ready or not, here comes Fall

Love it or hate it, Fall is here. If you’re like me, this is the season you’ve been waiting for all year - cooler weather, changing leaves and chili Sunday’s.

It seems like time slows down a bit in the Fall; it’s as if the season is telling us to catch up from Summer and prepare for Winter. Hence why Fall is a time of preparation: getting your home ready for cooler months ahead, preparing your wardrobe for social events and adjusting our routines to shorter days.

As we transition into this new season, here a few things to keep in mind:

Get your home Fall ready.

Fall home maintenance is extremely important. Being proactive in the Fall means you’ll likely avoid headaches and costly repairs later in the year. It’s best to make these maintenance appointments early in the season, as many of the best service provider’s schedules fill up quickly.

You’ll want to have your gutters cleaned, HVAC

serviced, irrigation system blown out, yard fertilized and roof checked for leaks. And let’s not forget the fireplace - make sure it’s clean and ready to go for the cooler nights ahead!

Embrace sweater weather.

Fall is a time to show off your most fashionable looks! And unfortunately, your sandals and sleeveless tops don’t exactly scream Fall Fashionista. Rotating your closets from Summer to Fall will free up prime closet real estate and give you the opportunity to get rid of items you no longer wear.

As you take items in and out, ask yourself a few questions: how often do I wear this item? Do I hate having to iron it? Am I annoyed every time I wear this? Going through your clothes can be very therapeutic and free up some essential closet space. **Unless you’re like me and go to Nordstrom immediately following closet purge**

Next, as you bring Fall items into your closet, think of how you’d like to arrange things. Sweaters are likely folded and boots will need more space than your Summer sandals. Changing your closet over can give you peace of mind and prepare you for Fall and Winter events.

Seize the day(light).

With Fall comes shorter days and longer nights, and on November 4th we officially fall back, losing one hour of daylight. For some, the lack of sunshine can lead to lower energy levels and even seasonal depression. Our minds and bodies are energized and nourished by the sun - make it a priority, especially early on in the Fall season, to see a little bit of the sun every day. Step outside to stretch your legs a few times each day. Make it a point to spend some time near a sunny window.

If you struggle to find time to schedule your Fall service providers or rotate closets or you’re just missing the daylight to get it all done - Life’s Work Concierge is here to help. We can give you more time, balance and peace of mind this Fall.

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